"hi, baby, how're u, did u sleep well?"

usually,it's the first word we start to talk every day.
today, Sarah asked me,
what's the best thing or memory in 2010,
and i said her "I don't know." 
but, in fact,
i have clear answer in my heart,

"to meet u in my life"

is the best thing in 2010,
and, to have u in my life will be the best thing in every single year after.
ppl say "seeing is believing."
i believe it,
but i think it means seeing by heart not by eyes.
ppl always think u own them explaination.
but, i don't need to proof anything to anyone.
just live our own life,
even if only 1% chance to make dreams come true.
i'll take the chance,
for me, and for u,
i'll do my best,
to make 1% become 100%
to make us be happiest,
don't need ppl to believe or ppl's permission,
just u and me,
everything will be fine,
like u always said,
we're one,
we fix all problems together,
and like that,
we'll be fine.

i'm so happy this year  i start from having u in my life,
and i love u, for sure,

like i said,
we've just met 256days, but i've loved u forever.






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